Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Worried and felt ashame

Hye pep..Been so long away from this Hulahoop. U noe that i have another blog, Shazika Shahrim. The follower was getting increase day by day. Thanks god and thanks to my followers and stalkers that support me in the blogging arena. 

Actually beside the feeling of happiness, i felt really worried coz i need to give 'em best idea, best entry and take care of everyone feeling. So, they'll not think dat i'm arrogant when my follower rise to 1000+. I oredy prepared some schedules entry. I want to constant publishing the entries to satisfied everyone. 

I'm so happy in blogging. I hate facebooking coz it gave me nothing (!) Oh, sorry. Juz a little from it is good. Connecting wif old friends. 

Last but not least. I LOVE U OL's. Thank you so muuch (\(^______^)/) Hip hip horayyyy!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Trying to be like a model ^___^"

Monday, November 22, 2010


Its been so long i didn't write here. Now i'm hol. Juz stay at home and did nothing. Before the hol, i ask my parents to find me some job coz first 3 month next year i didn't get any allowance. I tot dat if i had job, i can topup some money so i'll not burden anyone.

But, my parents didn't find me any job. Oh, my mum say dat she got me a job, as tukang sapu sampah at my nearby school. T___T" Sigh!

For the conclusion, i'll juz stay at home. They said dat they afford to suppport my allowance. I juz wanna wait and see.

Starting tomorrow, i need to do the housework, babysit my sibling, cooking? Euwww. I not good in cooking. I'll learn. :))

No work and job for me. Full stop

Friday, November 5, 2010


Hye pep. There are some bloggers dat look beauty in my eyes. They are so daring and smart to match and mix what they wore. Lets check it out!

First, sis fatin liyana. When i on9 at fb, i sometimes chit chat wif my old frens, kutin nad bout this sis. Seriusly good looking. She noe what suit her from top to toe.

This is fatin liyana. She's a part time model. And from her i notice that not all medic student are nerdy and 'selekeh'. Couldn't belive in me? Here u r her fantastic blog. Fatin liyana.

second, sis adriani. I noe this fashionista when i randomly blogwalking and then became her stalker. For quite long then i bravely say hye to her. I love her style. But my frenz said she's style a little weird. Do i care. Hahaha.

This is sis adriani. I got this pic from her new blog. bows and rose. Love her blog. Before this i kept looking at her old blog. I notice something, mmmm she's expression is owez serious. But still gorges meh.

Third, Irine nadia marcello. A cute girl. She's younger than me. She blog bout her personal life and all her picture are nice. She is really close wif her brother. When first time view her blog i tot dat aizul is her boy. Maybe not me only tot dat. Hahaha.

This is irine. For more interesting entry, juz view her page by ur own. Irine.

Juz dat for this time.

Oh wait. It's Yuna. Her pashmina liks mine. =___="

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tired but no regret

Last week i got some task to do for my hostel. I'm decotaring AJk (dunnoe what it is in english) and i need to setle up everything to make my hostel beutiful and clean. I needed to buy and search lot of things such as paint, brushes, curtains, fake flowers, wall stickers and etc. At first i though it was a big burden i needed to carry on. But when i in charged it i got new experince and i learn to make my room, and my environtment comfortable.

Event at the end i felt sooooo tired but i didn't regret. Coz things that i learned now gave me lots of memories and it make me became close with my juniors and seniors. Peolpe said that more we sosialised we can noe lots of people. Thanks to everybody especially members of sentosa gave their hand and willing to help me.

Eventhogh at my face i looked calm when they announce the winner, but deep in my heart i felt a little bit upset. I felt guilty to my hostel members for not making our hostel to be the winner. I hope the next years we can grab back the piala kemenangan from Aman. That ol for today, i'm really tired. Congrte ruby be the winner.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yes, I am

Taking the image of urself.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lets them..

I'm thinking for many times till now. I tot that to sttle my finance prob, i should withdraw my saving in ASB. Then bank in back when i cash out my earning from Nuffnang. The last time i checked up only RM72+. Need to wait till the end of this month. My parents dont wanna help me in this prob. They said. But i noe they will. Just pray.

I kept looking on my old friends photos. Some of them oredy got DSLR. I wanna it toooooo. Are they really rich with the money from ptptn or scholarship si can bought my dreming things? I noe i cant afford that. Juz can see they were holding dat stuff.

So, the conclusion, i need to go to post office this week. Chiow~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sigh again today

Today i went to Jalan TAR to find some stuff, decorating my room for kediamam terbuka. Bought new wallpaper, glue, and skirting. I didn't notice dat my allowance left juz 150+ only and i withdraw em ALL (!) T___T Quickly phoned my mum asking for some money but she said i need to wait till the end of this month.

I bought new scarf. Teeehee. I like it but regret coz i took size S. A little short. But i'll wear it for a while till i got a new one with M size. I feel soooo excited.

Oh wait. I thnk i need to cash out my nuffnang eventough it's only 70+ and withdraw my ASB. Dont wanna put lots of burden onto my parents shoulder. I need money to eat eat and eat.

For 2 months back i didn't bought any new shirt or jeans. Juz recycle the old one and dats so lame.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Juz a while

Hi! it's been a long time i didn't post about my life here. My last weekend was realy terrible. Just hangout in rest room watched the tv from day to night. I currently feel empty for no reason. Nothing to do.

Yesterday my body was so weak. It's 1st tyme i felt dizzy and vomit. I got menstrual pain that day. Its common for me. I skip gerko class. Ah! why im stucking my head write bout all this fucking in english.

Juz dat to jot here. See ya next entry. Tata. = __="

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making money from home

**This is my speech presetation for BIT. I need to talk in front of the class in 8 minutes. My topic is making money from home...

A very good morning to our lovely Madam Zarina and to my handsome and gorgeous classmates. How are you today? Hopefully all of you are in a pink of health. Now this is my turns to perform here. I had chosen an interesting topic to be shared with all of you. We had heard a proverb, money is nothing but everything is money. I 100% agree with this.

Talking about money, people can turn crazy about that. For sure your RM430 allowance is not enough for you right. So, you will call your parents asking them to bank in some money. There are lots of things that we can do to get money. So, I bring to you a topic “making money from home”, just do your works at home then get some earning. No need to go out to walk. Usually most people who are involved and chose to work from home are women rather than men, and most of them are married women and mother. Why do they take that opportunity to work at home?

Working at home is easier than going out early in the morning, prepare dressing and make up, rushing to the office than, stuck in the traffic jam. It is really terrible if we need to cycle those activities everyday. For married women and mother, working from home allows them to spare time with family and at the same time, have flexibility to take care of the family. Many said that, working from home gave them freer dome. No bosses, lack of colleagues and they do not go by 8 to 5 schedule but only work when inspired.

So, what we can do at home? It is just relax, doing nothing and suddenly money pop out in front of you? To get some profit we need to have some effort. One of the things is online business. Nowadays, people prefer easy ways in doing everything in their life. Everything is just at your fingertips. They do not have enough time to spend for shopping. There are many products being bought and sold online. You must know to choose suitable product to be sold online. Examples of business that we can do are selling jewels, shawls, dresses, medicine and biscuits. This is an excellent and easy way to make money online.

Other than that, you can make money at home by using Wordpress, Blogspot and personal websites. The things you need to do is to choose a platform that can be used and it is free of change. So, how do you make money from home blog?. Well, there are several ways that you can do.

One of the oldest forms is to sign up for Google Adsense, Nufnang and Alexa. There are some steps you need to take to have flexibility when working from home. First, most important step is to create a schedule. You should maintain a strict schedule in a home office. Time management is a must. Next, you need to have daily rituals, it is important to keep daily rituals up through out your day. Juggling between home, family works may take some times to get yourself use to it. One has to be really disciplined to know how to divide time properly. There are lots of disturbances when you are at home such as naughty children.

The third step is you must stay in you zone. At home, people will interrupt you. They may not take your work seriously because they assume you are available every time. So, to prevent disturbance, you can hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door room. Then, tell people when it is the right times you will be available. This can help you to stay on track and finish your task on time. Last step is to define your workspaces. You just need a place where you will not be disturbed constantly. You can make your workspace in an area that can inspire you and not forgotten you need sunlight because living things need sunlight to stay alive.

From this topic, I think in the future people will just stay at home and do their works. If this could happen someday, we can reduce the amount of traffic at the peak hours, we can divide time wisely between work and family as well as give jobs opportunities to graduates. Therefore, you can also try to study and work from home. Got it? That’s all. Thank you.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pounding my heart

Hye ppl..its been soooooo long i didn't write anything here. I just got a call from my bro. We talk bout our assignment. He said, he's so tension need to settle all his work in limited time. During the holiday he did nothing and when the college was opened he need to struggle to finish them.

Me too. I didn't have enough sleep. Just take a nap about 1 or 2 hours then continue did the work. thanks God i successfully finished and send it on time. Plus, i already did some draft so that i noe the guideline while did full touch up to complete all the assignment.

I was really shock to hear that his taking drug so he got some strength and energy to settle all his assignment. I noe he cant stand with all those work but it's not a good idea. Even it is just syabu.

So, ppl out there..plis dont ruin ur life for doing such stupid activities. I hope my bro will insaf (dont noe what in bi) and stop taking dats stupid things.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The silent song in 20

I've been living and breathing in this world for 20 years. Thanks to my mum saccrify her life for gave birth to a princess like me. Last night, i got some wishes trough sms, and fb but not hear directly to my ears.

Before 12 i felt asleep because dat day i accompanied ma fren to buy tickets for Eid holiday. Reach hostel before Isyak rushing to bath and pray, heading quickly to surau for terawikh. So tired but i'm happy for meeting my old fren, Ooi after 2 years.

At 12 i woke up because my phone rang. Oh, it's my boy. Wishing me for my birhday. Then, after his called, i waited for my frens to sang besday song and wishes me. Waiting waiting and waiting..... But nobody came to me. Cause nobody sang, i called my boy and ask to sing me besday song. Tears rooling down from my bonny cheeks. Last year also only him sang dat song for me and also dis year. Thanks him a lots.

I'm still waiting for my frens dat night. But nobody came until i felt asleep. Nobody be my side during my birthday. Nobody sang besday song to me, nobody hug me and said happy birthday azie. Thans Allah coz in fb there are still frens and relatives wishes me.

Before sleep, i sang the song silently in my blanket for myself.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The assignment of sem 3

Now i already got some of the short course work for this semester. I noticed that the assignments quite difficult because i need to deliver some speech and doing public speaking. Even i oredy had basic and previous experience in public speaking, i still feel nervous as i'm lacking of ideas. SO, let me summaries about the course work that i got.

  1. Pengajian sosial 1: Yesterday, my coursemates and i accompanied by 3 energetic lecturers went to FRIM to do some research about the ecosystem of tropical forest in FRIM. So, after the research, we need to make a report about the ecosystem. The duration of that project is in 1 month. I need to submit it before Eid.
  2. Pengajian sosial 2: It's a short course work about the comparison between Islamic banking system and conventional system. the duration is 2 weeks. already have the notes but don noe what its want deeply.
  3. BIT: Homaigod (!) i don noe where i put the paper. Aiyooo.
  4. b. Melayu 1: i nned to make notes and a report about spelling errors that being used by any premis.
  5. b. melayu kontekstual: Also need to make notes and report but its about syarahan, pidato, ucapan and ceramah. And we need to present it in front of the class.

Only 5 that i can list down here for this time. I'll update it when get the course work from other subject.

Now, i need to find the course work paper for BIT. Hopefully can get it tonight because tomorow had class. Pray for me. T_______T"

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Last weekend i called my mum to ask about my family. When i called her, my family had a gathering with my Su's family. They had a bbq and ate durians, manggis, and rambutan.s I always miss that moment as i owez far apart from them.

if i came home, the fruit season almost end. so, they will keep some for me, but i need to eat alone. that what owez happened to me since i'm 13 years old.

i wish that if i had my own children i will not let them to go to boarding school. the fate that i'm kissing now is really hard to swallow. so plis people, not let ur child far from ur sight.

That night, my tears rolling down to my cheeks. I miss them like hell.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Day by day i'm lacking of update and quite depressing. I have been so busy starting for new semester and incharge for the new students. Today i attend class. At the first day i already got assignment and tasks to do. Aiyooo... Just finished one of my task.

This coming saturday my friends and i planed to go to Genting Highland. So boring if we didn't planed any activities during weekend. I need to spend my money for about hundred ringgit for this coming trip.

I felt sleepy now. See u next time. Stay tuned.

With love,
Shazika Sharim

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Counting sifir 9

Hi. I’m at home now. Tonight I teach my lil brother arithmetic table (sifir). He’s going to take UPSR next year but still don’t remember sifir.

SO, I told him if he able to count until sifir 12 I’ll let him watching Shin Chan. Okey, he’s able to count until 6 only. What to do huh.

Then I wanna teach my sis sifir 9. I teach her using finger but she’s clever than me. She wrote in one line number 0 until 9 then wrote again number 0 until 9 in opposite way.

See. Easy

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The first paper for today examination

Today i had an English examination. The question in section A is about grammar, quiet easy because my OA lecturer had done some exercise and quiz about it. So, it is true with the proverb PRACTICES MAKE PERFECT. Regular exercise can make us easier to understand rather than memories.

For essay, I had difficulty in controlling the number of words in an essay. There are 2 question and I need to choose and answer one question only, but in two essay. Each essay I need to write in 75-100 words only! How can I mannage to control my words and I need to narrow the scope of that question. What croos in my mind I just wrote it on that anwser sheet.

So, for today exam is oredy done. The next paper is tomorrow: Bahasa Melayu 1. Arghh! I must spend all night studying Sintaksis and Morphology. Pray for me ^____________^

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Unsincered smile

My girls and boys friends said that my smile is fate and unsincere. But the truth is that's my real smile. My mum always remind me for not smiled too long. emmm like this, ^_____^. It make me likes a grandma with no teeth. So, for not being like that I'll only show a little smile.

Arina, my friend had an honest conversation about my smile. Is that too bad people? I really had no idea about this things. And another friends told that i'm also not sincere for being his or her friends. WTF. Aiyaak, are they soooo sincere while tied a friendship not with me?

is this unsincere?

How about this one? umphh~

She's the one who responsible taught me smiling unsincerely. See the way she smiled. Unsincerely okey. Fullstop.

The truth had shown to u. I'm a sincere girl with a sincere smile. ^_^

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Contest Hangit By Arieza

Here u are the Hangit's picture. I don't noe what Nabilah wanna say because when i snap this picture it became like this. Maybe she wanna say ' Peace' tapi tak sempat.

I noe this contest from the owner, my Bo: Arieza. She ask me to join thie contest. So, gotta change to be the winner? Hehehe..

People, lets join this contest. The prizes are so great.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The sister miss her sisters

Its been so long, that i haven't seen their face. I know that i'm not a good sister to them. I can't watch they grew up in front of my own naked eyes. I don't have enough time to teach them in academics, ask them to behave em selves. I always be far apart from em since they are still little girls.

This is my girls. I miss em soo much. I promise that i wanna study hard and help em in their future.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


i really wanna have a personal diary that i can write anything about my glow and dark life. the 1st diary that i'd write is when i'm in boarding school. at that hostel, there are 7 of us all together as a housemates. so, i kept my diary in my locker. dont wanna show my diary to em. 1 day, 2 of em ask me to buy some foods and drinks at a nearby shop. as i'm going out from my room, they lock the door and try to find out my diary. at that time i forgot to keep it in my locker, just left it under a pillow. lucky em to get it. when i'm back, they 'menggelabah' to put it back and open the door. but, i can smell their activity. i'm really mad and ashame cause they already noe who's the boy that i like, what i'd gossip bout em (serve em right), and all the ridiculous thing i'd made. after that incident, i threw my diary, and all the memories gone. i don't wanna kept any diary anymore!

This is Yuna's journal. Nice one and creative.

i tried to find out a new way to keep ol my memories so that when i'm getting old i can thanks for the memories. when i'm in matriculation, Joo (my roomate) taught me to write a blog. from that i got an idea to kept ol my journey of life, no one can noe my private life. did u see that i'd manage a lot of blogs. 1 of em i set as private.

it must be soooo cool if a can kept it until like this.

pi es: don't ever tried to read others diary. okey.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My first english novel that I read

I don't like to read English materials. During my secondary school, every class will get a The Star newspaper everyday. But i only take the newspaper to do Sudoku. One day my Litle TNK read a novel, I'm fall in love at the first sigh at that novel. I take that novel and have a quick review. It looks interesting. So, i borrow it. Little advise me to read English books and novel to gain my vocab as i am tooooo dummy in English.

Rosie Dunne by Cecelia Ahern

Don't judge a book by its cover. I really judge this book by its cute cover and I love the story too. After read it, I always dream to be as Rosie and a person like Alex will come to my real life.

It is a nice story and the words that have been use quite easy to understand. I really LOVE this novel. I tried to find it at some bookstores but didn't find it. Sigh. T__T . So, anyone that have this book can i borrow pleaseeee...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Mr. Bean

I always hug him when i'm going to bed. He comforts me, makes me warm, listen to my unspoken heart and being loyal to be my side when I need him. Unless if I don't realize that he already laid on the floor. Poor him. heeeheee. ^__^

This is my Mr. Bean. I bought him with my first salary, working while waiting for SPM result to come out. Oh! Mr. Bean say Hi to you.....

Mr. Bean is my beloved pillow. Do you have one? Children especially girls do have one. Mr. Bean was with me for 2 years. Errkkk.. Since i bought him i never take him to bath. Don't you dare to touch him. LOL

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sahibba Games

Hello my dear readers. Now, i have a new way how to improve English. Did you already knows Sahibba games? It's an interesting game and can help us to think a lot of vocabulary with the letters that we have. You need to create a word from that letters you had got. To make it easier, you can refer from dictionary by your side.
Align Center

I already had one at home. My sisters and brother really like to play this game. But unfortunately they played this game in Malay because they didn't know words in English. But when my mum join together, they sometimes play in English by refering to dictionary. So, from this they know some new words. Okey, lets have it one and enjoy playing this game with your family.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mum, can we go for a vacation?

Align Center
When i go back to my hometown, i always ask my parents to go for a trip. As my sisters and brother are also had their school holiday. But the answer is always upsating me. They have a lot of work to handle at their office. Because of that i rather go back to my hometown during the holiday if my warden allowed me to be at the hostel.

But thanks God. Eventhough we are not going out together, we are still close. But deep in my heart, i want to have a family trip during school holiday. I want it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm not Si Capik

This week my college held annual sport's day. Every student must participated in 4 event which is long jump, missil, running 100m and 800m. Wohaaa... I completed all those 4 and got 10 point for my sport's house, IKHLAS.

And now, i got muscle pain along my legs. I'm walking like Si Capik T__T

The PBSM put me Yoko Yoko to reduce the pain. But it is no longer for me. The pain killing back.

As my friend looked pity at me, she gave me Hot Oil (minyak panas) and i apply and make a lit bit massage along both of my legs. But, the next day when i woke up the pain is getting more worst. Hadoy.

Then. I bought Salonpas at Watson. I'm felt cool when it lay on my legs. Its getting better now. Hope that day by day its getting okey so that i can do my daily activities in comfort. My friends will not be shy anymore to walk along with me and no more Capik.

Her you are the picture of my style when i did the long jump. Hiyaaaarrhhh.

That's ol. (\(*__*)/)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Letter game

Lets play a game to improve our vocabulary. This game is so fun and interesting. First, you pick up a word with quite long. I give you example like " HARDWORKING". Then, you separate each letter to built up another word.

  1. hard
  2. work
  3. king
  4. do
  5. harn
  6. hawk
  7. or
  8. do
  9. go
  10. work
  11. war
  12. dori

After you list out all the word, you take dictionary and check again whether the word is correct and have any meaning or not. In the word that i list out, 'dori' and 'harn' doesn't have any meaning.

This activity you can do by your own or with you friends. Check it out *__*

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Digging hardly

On my way to go back to my hostel from Jusco Maluri in a taxi, there was terrible traffic jam. It was around 6 PM which was a peak hour people went home after office hour. I just threw my view to the outside thrugh the window.

Suddenly a Kawasaki Ninja RR passed by in front of my eyes. Wohaaaa...! I was so impressed saw the rider was so stylish wore a leather coat, seosoning jeans, A pair of Nike shoes, one black Arai helmet and his body was quite tough. My eyes kept on following the bike until it dissepeared.

At a glance, I watched a driver in a grand and sporty black car unpuposely. The driver was digging his nose hardly by using his finger and his impression was stress seem that he was trying hard to take away the nose dung.

It was better if he didn't did the activities in public especially in traffic jam. Oh! Maybe he wanted to release his tension from that traffic jam. Good job man.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Butterfly in my stomach

Homaigod! I have told by Miss Tracy that MUET result is valid in 5 years only. It means that I need to sit for MUET again even I am qualified for minimum qualification to be a teacher. I already sat for MUET in the end 2008 and got band 3. So before graduate my MUET result must be still can be used.

All of sundry in my class need to sit MUET paper. In order from this, I need to speed up my effort for at least to get band 4.

I had listed some of my plan to achieve my goal.

1. Reading english articles and newspapers.

2. Try to speak in english even in ' rojak' words. At least I am trying to say even a single word.

3. Post recently new entry to HULAHOOP so that it gain my idea to write a story in english.

Oh! dont forget to visit this MUAX


Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't call me a looser

There is a quote say " You can't call a man up by calling him down" . What do you understand from this quote?

Let say I will take part in a race. So, before I get ready to the starting line, my friends and fans will give me supports such as " Azie, you can do it dear", " Beat the others".

But how if they said something like " Just give up you are looser", "No hope for you to be the winner". Automatically my high determination will falling down like London Bridge is falling down, falling down falling down.

From this i learned that, as a teacher-to-be i must have someone to give me sopports and after being a real teacher i must give full motivation to my students.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh! My pose

While walking alone with wedges on my heel toward my hostel, i noticed that there was a good looking and smart guy sat alone in a yard. I was alone and he was alone too. There was a chance. Ehem... (^_+)

So, I controlled my walk. Slowly walking toward my hostel. Not toward him. Okey. It seems that he didn't noticed me. I continued my walk and....

Oppsss..I was slip shoes (terpele'ot) Fuh! I calmed down myself by looking around wondering if there was anyone saw that incident. Oh! That handsome guy. Did he noticed that? He was hiding his smile.

I quickly continued my walk and when I arrived in my room, i hide under my pillow.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A new babyborn

Salam dear readers. I am Shazika Shahrim would like to introduce my new blog. I am still thingking the most suitable name for this blog. For now, i named it HULAHOOP. Hahaha. (^__+) What a childish name.

Why this name? i though that because i am stil 'terumbang-ambing' in English. Okey lah. Before this i had manage a blog, Shazika Shahrim which is 90% i write it in Malay. Why i must have this english blog instead of shazika Shahrim?

The reason is, i am a futured teacher so i want to practise writing to improve my grammar and vocabulary. What a shock for me is, my friend has a 12 years old sister. Her sister had a blog that is fully write in english. i felt ashame with her and dare my self to be better in english. Oh yeah!! I can do it.

In this site i had planned to pick up a topic and tell about that and i will also tell some incident happened in my life. So my lovely readers, i beg u to correct me if my grammar is mistake. (T__T) Support me eh.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New 2010

Hye everybody..I would like to wish all of you


have u decided the determination for this year? Do ur best for that (^__^)V