Saturday, January 30, 2010

Digging hardly

On my way to go back to my hostel from Jusco Maluri in a taxi, there was terrible traffic jam. It was around 6 PM which was a peak hour people went home after office hour. I just threw my view to the outside thrugh the window.

Suddenly a Kawasaki Ninja RR passed by in front of my eyes. Wohaaaa...! I was so impressed saw the rider was so stylish wore a leather coat, seosoning jeans, A pair of Nike shoes, one black Arai helmet and his body was quite tough. My eyes kept on following the bike until it dissepeared.

At a glance, I watched a driver in a grand and sporty black car unpuposely. The driver was digging his nose hardly by using his finger and his impression was stress seem that he was trying hard to take away the nose dung.

It was better if he didn't did the activities in public especially in traffic jam. Oh! Maybe he wanted to release his tension from that traffic jam. Good job man.


joegrimjow said...


★*:′貝殼●笨●丫头│.·│.· said...

is * disappear * purposely *

after *didn't , is follow by base word. cus after the *not word, is follow by base word. eg. did not do a.k.a didn't do .

good luck my fren :D

Suhada Razak said...

yup.verb word.try to use easy and catchy words so people will feel relax when reading your blog.hehe;p jangan skema sangat.