Saturday, February 20, 2010

Letter game

Lets play a game to improve our vocabulary. This game is so fun and interesting. First, you pick up a word with quite long. I give you example like " HARDWORKING". Then, you separate each letter to built up another word.

  1. hard
  2. work
  3. king
  4. do
  5. harn
  6. hawk
  7. or
  8. do
  9. go
  10. work
  11. war
  12. dori

After you list out all the word, you take dictionary and check again whether the word is correct and have any meaning or not. In the word that i list out, 'dori' and 'harn' doesn't have any meaning.

This activity you can do by your own or with you friends. Check it out *__*


yana said...

nice one~~
menguji pemikiran ~~ ^^

★*:′貝殼●笨●丫头│.·│.· said...

after the word *to , it is followed by base word, eg. to build up .

:) muacks love ya.

shazika said...

tengkiu my dear yyj
i'll remember dat

Anonymous said...

alasan: dictionary mai abang amek.. xD