Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tired but no regret

Last week i got some task to do for my hostel. I'm decotaring AJk (dunnoe what it is in english) and i need to setle up everything to make my hostel beutiful and clean. I needed to buy and search lot of things such as paint, brushes, curtains, fake flowers, wall stickers and etc. At first i though it was a big burden i needed to carry on. But when i in charged it i got new experince and i learn to make my room, and my environtment comfortable.

Event at the end i felt sooooo tired but i didn't regret. Coz things that i learned now gave me lots of memories and it make me became close with my juniors and seniors. Peolpe said that more we sosialised we can noe lots of people. Thanks to everybody especially members of sentosa gave their hand and willing to help me.

Eventhogh at my face i looked calm when they announce the winner, but deep in my heart i felt a little bit upset. I felt guilty to my hostel members for not making our hostel to be the winner. I hope the next years we can grab back the piala kemenangan from Aman. That ol for today, i'm really tired. Congrte ruby be the winner.

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