Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Butterfly in my stomach

Homaigod! I have told by Miss Tracy that MUET result is valid in 5 years only. It means that I need to sit for MUET again even I am qualified for minimum qualification to be a teacher. I already sat for MUET in the end 2008 and got band 3. So before graduate my MUET result must be still can be used.

All of sundry in my class need to sit MUET paper. In order from this, I need to speed up my effort for at least to get band 4.

I had listed some of my plan to achieve my goal.

1. Reading english articles and newspapers.

2. Try to speak in english even in ' rojak' words. At least I am trying to say even a single word.

3. Post recently new entry to HULAHOOP so that it gain my idea to write a story in english.

Oh! dont forget to visit this MUAX



notso_violet : seindah bunga seri pagi said...

yeke valid dlm masa 5 tahun jer?
hahah errr ade lg stahun kot..

zack zukhairi said...

good luck and wishing all the best :)

BieyrA said...

bape umo skunk?a'ah kn..muet xtahan an nk grad n dpt keje?