Sunday, August 15, 2010

The silent song in 20

I've been living and breathing in this world for 20 years. Thanks to my mum saccrify her life for gave birth to a princess like me. Last night, i got some wishes trough sms, and fb but not hear directly to my ears.

Before 12 i felt asleep because dat day i accompanied ma fren to buy tickets for Eid holiday. Reach hostel before Isyak rushing to bath and pray, heading quickly to surau for terawikh. So tired but i'm happy for meeting my old fren, Ooi after 2 years.

At 12 i woke up because my phone rang. Oh, it's my boy. Wishing me for my birhday. Then, after his called, i waited for my frens to sang besday song and wishes me. Waiting waiting and waiting..... But nobody came to me. Cause nobody sang, i called my boy and ask to sing me besday song. Tears rooling down from my bonny cheeks. Last year also only him sang dat song for me and also dis year. Thanks him a lots.

I'm still waiting for my frens dat night. But nobody came until i felt asleep. Nobody be my side during my birthday. Nobody sang besday song to me, nobody hug me and said happy birthday azie. Thans Allah coz in fb there are still frens and relatives wishes me.

Before sleep, i sang the song silently in my blanket for myself.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The assignment of sem 3

Now i already got some of the short course work for this semester. I noticed that the assignments quite difficult because i need to deliver some speech and doing public speaking. Even i oredy had basic and previous experience in public speaking, i still feel nervous as i'm lacking of ideas. SO, let me summaries about the course work that i got.

  1. Pengajian sosial 1: Yesterday, my coursemates and i accompanied by 3 energetic lecturers went to FRIM to do some research about the ecosystem of tropical forest in FRIM. So, after the research, we need to make a report about the ecosystem. The duration of that project is in 1 month. I need to submit it before Eid.
  2. Pengajian sosial 2: It's a short course work about the comparison between Islamic banking system and conventional system. the duration is 2 weeks. already have the notes but don noe what its want deeply.
  3. BIT: Homaigod (!) i don noe where i put the paper. Aiyooo.
  4. b. Melayu 1: i nned to make notes and a report about spelling errors that being used by any premis.
  5. b. melayu kontekstual: Also need to make notes and report but its about syarahan, pidato, ucapan and ceramah. And we need to present it in front of the class.

Only 5 that i can list down here for this time. I'll update it when get the course work from other subject.

Now, i need to find the course work paper for BIT. Hopefully can get it tonight because tomorow had class. Pray for me. T_______T"