Friday, August 6, 2010

The assignment of sem 3

Now i already got some of the short course work for this semester. I noticed that the assignments quite difficult because i need to deliver some speech and doing public speaking. Even i oredy had basic and previous experience in public speaking, i still feel nervous as i'm lacking of ideas. SO, let me summaries about the course work that i got.

  1. Pengajian sosial 1: Yesterday, my coursemates and i accompanied by 3 energetic lecturers went to FRIM to do some research about the ecosystem of tropical forest in FRIM. So, after the research, we need to make a report about the ecosystem. The duration of that project is in 1 month. I need to submit it before Eid.
  2. Pengajian sosial 2: It's a short course work about the comparison between Islamic banking system and conventional system. the duration is 2 weeks. already have the notes but don noe what its want deeply.
  3. BIT: Homaigod (!) i don noe where i put the paper. Aiyooo.
  4. b. Melayu 1: i nned to make notes and a report about spelling errors that being used by any premis.
  5. b. melayu kontekstual: Also need to make notes and report but its about syarahan, pidato, ucapan and ceramah. And we need to present it in front of the class.

Only 5 that i can list down here for this time. I'll update it when get the course work from other subject.

Now, i need to find the course work paper for BIT. Hopefully can get it tonight because tomorow had class. Pray for me. T_______T"

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