Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pounding my heart

Hye ppl..its been soooooo long i didn't write anything here. I just got a call from my bro. We talk bout our assignment. He said, he's so tension need to settle all his work in limited time. During the holiday he did nothing and when the college was opened he need to struggle to finish them.

Me too. I didn't have enough sleep. Just take a nap about 1 or 2 hours then continue did the work. thanks God i successfully finished and send it on time. Plus, i already did some draft so that i noe the guideline while did full touch up to complete all the assignment.

I was really shock to hear that his taking drug so he got some strength and energy to settle all his assignment. I noe he cant stand with all those work but it's not a good idea. Even it is just syabu.

So, ppl out there..plis dont ruin ur life for doing such stupid activities. I hope my bro will insaf (dont noe what in bi) and stop taking dats stupid things.

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