Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Contest Hangit By Arieza

Here u are the Hangit's picture. I don't noe what Nabilah wanna say because when i snap this picture it became like this. Maybe she wanna say ' Peace' tapi tak sempat.

I noe this contest from the owner, my Bo: Arieza. She ask me to join thie contest. So, gotta change to be the winner? Hehehe..

People, lets join this contest. The prizes are so great.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The sister miss her sisters

Its been so long, that i haven't seen their face. I know that i'm not a good sister to them. I can't watch they grew up in front of my own naked eyes. I don't have enough time to teach them in academics, ask them to behave em selves. I always be far apart from em since they are still little girls.

This is my girls. I miss em soo much. I promise that i wanna study hard and help em in their future.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


i really wanna have a personal diary that i can write anything about my glow and dark life. the 1st diary that i'd write is when i'm in boarding school. at that hostel, there are 7 of us all together as a housemates. so, i kept my diary in my locker. dont wanna show my diary to em. 1 day, 2 of em ask me to buy some foods and drinks at a nearby shop. as i'm going out from my room, they lock the door and try to find out my diary. at that time i forgot to keep it in my locker, just left it under a pillow. lucky em to get it. when i'm back, they 'menggelabah' to put it back and open the door. but, i can smell their activity. i'm really mad and ashame cause they already noe who's the boy that i like, what i'd gossip bout em (serve em right), and all the ridiculous thing i'd made. after that incident, i threw my diary, and all the memories gone. i don't wanna kept any diary anymore!

This is Yuna's journal. Nice one and creative.

i tried to find out a new way to keep ol my memories so that when i'm getting old i can thanks for the memories. when i'm in matriculation, Joo (my roomate) taught me to write a blog. from that i got an idea to kept ol my journey of life, no one can noe my private life. did u see that i'd manage a lot of blogs. 1 of em i set as private.

it must be soooo cool if a can kept it until like this.

pi es: don't ever tried to read others diary. okey.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My first english novel that I read

I don't like to read English materials. During my secondary school, every class will get a The Star newspaper everyday. But i only take the newspaper to do Sudoku. One day my Litle TNK read a novel, I'm fall in love at the first sigh at that novel. I take that novel and have a quick review. It looks interesting. So, i borrow it. Little advise me to read English books and novel to gain my vocab as i am tooooo dummy in English.

Rosie Dunne by Cecelia Ahern

Don't judge a book by its cover. I really judge this book by its cute cover and I love the story too. After read it, I always dream to be as Rosie and a person like Alex will come to my real life.

It is a nice story and the words that have been use quite easy to understand. I really LOVE this novel. I tried to find it at some bookstores but didn't find it. Sigh. T__T . So, anyone that have this book can i borrow pleaseeee...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Mr. Bean

I always hug him when i'm going to bed. He comforts me, makes me warm, listen to my unspoken heart and being loyal to be my side when I need him. Unless if I don't realize that he already laid on the floor. Poor him. heeeheee. ^__^

This is my Mr. Bean. I bought him with my first salary, working while waiting for SPM result to come out. Oh! Mr. Bean say Hi to you.....

Mr. Bean is my beloved pillow. Do you have one? Children especially girls do have one. Mr. Bean was with me for 2 years. Errkkk.. Since i bought him i never take him to bath. Don't you dare to touch him. LOL