Friday, January 8, 2010

A new babyborn

Salam dear readers. I am Shazika Shahrim would like to introduce my new blog. I am still thingking the most suitable name for this blog. For now, i named it HULAHOOP. Hahaha. (^__+) What a childish name.

Why this name? i though that because i am stil 'terumbang-ambing' in English. Okey lah. Before this i had manage a blog, Shazika Shahrim which is 90% i write it in Malay. Why i must have this english blog instead of shazika Shahrim?

The reason is, i am a futured teacher so i want to practise writing to improve my grammar and vocabulary. What a shock for me is, my friend has a 12 years old sister. Her sister had a blog that is fully write in english. i felt ashame with her and dare my self to be better in english. Oh yeah!! I can do it.

In this site i had planned to pick up a topic and tell about that and i will also tell some incident happened in my life. So my lovely readers, i beg u to correct me if my grammar is mistake. (T__T) Support me eh.


HonEyBuNNy said...

Hulahoop means???ihiihih`s ok...u can do it...try d best to b d best dear....

shazika said...

that's name juz come unpurposely in my mind..dont noe the meaning. thanks honey

Fza.ithu.Zazha said...

Err.. perhaps i can start now?

1. "THINGKING" should be spelled as 'thinking'.

2. "THOUGH" should be spelled as 'thought'.

3. futured teacher [no -d should be added at the end of future. coz it is in present n future tense]

4. Dear readers. I, Shazika Shahrim, would like to introduce u my new blog. I'm still thinking for the most suitable name for this new blog. HULAHOOP would be it's temporary name for now. :)

Why did i choose this name? Perhaps because i think that i am still not very familiar with the usage of correct english. I have a blog which is being written in 90% Malay. So.. Why should i come out with an english blog instead of Shazika Shahrim?

The reason is because i am a future-teacher-to-be so i think i need to improve my grammar n vocabulary. I have a friend. Her 12 years old sister has a blog which is being written in 100% english. I feel shy to her and therefore,i challenge myself to improve my english.

In this blog, i've plan to come out with several topics and eleborate more about it. i will also write about some moments and incidents which had happened in my life.

So my lovely readers, I beg u to correct my grammar if i use it wrongly.

i'm just trying to help u.
Do not feel shy for those correction i've done for you.
i just don't know how to tell u the mistakes. So i typed ur entry once again with the correct usage of grammar. Feel free to refer yeah? :)

bTW, i love ur spirit for trying to learn from mistakes. GOOD JOB DEAR! :)

if u have the time, do refer to the internet for the correct usage of english. feel happy to read english articles n get urself familiar with english by reading books and novels containing that language. u will improve urself instantly. TRUST ME. :)

go go chayok darling!

Fza.ithu.Zazha said...

BTW,you dont have to approve my comment ok dear? :)

just refer it for ur self. :)

johan said...


dear shazika.

happy new year n good job. i hope, u'll get many experience from this blog. how ever, good job again!.. ahaks!~~

shazika said...

thanks johan. i'll try my

z4mr said...

use google if you're uncertain about your spelling. for example, the word though and thought have different meaning. In correction number 2, it should be noted that it is not just a spelling mistake but the proper use of word. be careful with this, even if it just one alphabet missing it can be very misleading.

Nurul Harun said...

nice try! :)
hello shazika.

shazika said...

z4mr: oh..i get it, thanks ya :)

nurul: hello nurul (^__^)

Aelfi said...

:D good job.

full of love,keyna said...

comelnye name.hehe