Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The first paper for today examination

Today i had an English examination. The question in section A is about grammar, quiet easy because my OA lecturer had done some exercise and quiz about it. So, it is true with the proverb PRACTICES MAKE PERFECT. Regular exercise can make us easier to understand rather than memories.

For essay, I had difficulty in controlling the number of words in an essay. There are 2 question and I need to choose and answer one question only, but in two essay. Each essay I need to write in 75-100 words only! How can I mannage to control my words and I need to narrow the scope of that question. What croos in my mind I just wrote it on that anwser sheet.

So, for today exam is oredy done. The next paper is tomorrow: Bahasa Melayu 1. Arghh! I must spend all night studying Sintaksis and Morphology. Pray for me ^____________^

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Wan Perlis said...

bila nak tulis dlm bm ni..susah la bi