Monday, November 22, 2010


Its been so long i didn't write here. Now i'm hol. Juz stay at home and did nothing. Before the hol, i ask my parents to find me some job coz first 3 month next year i didn't get any allowance. I tot dat if i had job, i can topup some money so i'll not burden anyone.

But, my parents didn't find me any job. Oh, my mum say dat she got me a job, as tukang sapu sampah at my nearby school. T___T" Sigh!

For the conclusion, i'll juz stay at home. They said dat they afford to suppport my allowance. I juz wanna wait and see.

Starting tomorrow, i need to do the housework, babysit my sibling, cooking? Euwww. I not good in cooking. I'll learn. :))

No work and job for me. Full stop

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