Friday, January 14, 2011

Finally. The result came out

I already took my examination result this evening. It's been quite long time we need to wait for the result. But, its ok because i'm not thinking hardly about the result. Until this evening. I planned with my classmate to take it together. 

But, Ruby and i went to TESL block first before 2.30pm. We taught dat the SUP office will opened at 2.30 but the clerk said we can take the result at 3. We waiting anxiously until 3. Then the rest of my frens came. At 3, we can take the result. Trying to reduce my nervousness, I let my frens took it first. Then, here I go.

Thanks God it's not too bad. I'm satisfy with dat and hopefully the next exam (in degree program) I need to work hard especially for the assignment. Chaiyok Azie!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New semester

It almost a week I continue my study in this IPG. Now i'm a degree student. There are 4 years left for me to finish my study in this teacher's training college.

In March, i need to choose a school neraby my house (hometown) to do Penilaian Berasaskan Sekolah (PBS) for a week. At first, my friends and i planned tp do it together so that we can share the works, assignment then other things. We can experience to be in different school envoironment in Malaysia. 

So, all of my classmates need to do it alone. A school per person. Well, you don't know if you can if you don't try :)

**my english writing is getting worst. I must do something. Maybe because I seldom write here? mmmmmmm