Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm not Si Capik

This week my college held annual sport's day. Every student must participated in 4 event which is long jump, missil, running 100m and 800m. Wohaaa... I completed all those 4 and got 10 point for my sport's house, IKHLAS.

And now, i got muscle pain along my legs. I'm walking like Si Capik T__T

The PBSM put me Yoko Yoko to reduce the pain. But it is no longer for me. The pain killing back.

As my friend looked pity at me, she gave me Hot Oil (minyak panas) and i apply and make a lit bit massage along both of my legs. But, the next day when i woke up the pain is getting more worst. Hadoy.

Then. I bought Salonpas at Watson. I'm felt cool when it lay on my legs. Its getting better now. Hope that day by day its getting okey so that i can do my daily activities in comfort. My friends will not be shy anymore to walk along with me and no more Capik.

Her you are the picture of my style when i did the long jump. Hiyaaaarrhhh.

That's ol. (\(*__*)/)


hanna said...


hanismalik said...

hehe....klakar la plak=)

hanismalik said...

hehe....klakar la plak=)

ASaDa RyutaRo said...

hot oil is minyak panas..
kekeke :P

meo188 said...

cutenye lukisan...

Hafizul said...

gue pun rumah IKHLAS.

BieyrA said... ni xpenah g blogwalking jumpa lukisan cegini..buat la lagi..hehe...cute..

shazika said...

bieyra: tengkiu dear..i'll try my v. best

Fadhli and Farrah said...

Awww! My uni pun ade sports day this week. Yesterday and today!

q-nizam said...

comelnya entry ni..hehe

syahbandar87 said... this funny:)

Hanafana said...

Em..ouh~ I do miss my senior year at SMTJ, melaka!
Im an athlete too,been in tht situation b4.

Banayk minom air kye! Insyaallah, the pain will go..

shazika said...

hanafana: okey. sy minom air sampai kembung. hehehe

[z@ck] said...

lompat tinggi lagi dik..

you can do it..

Badak Comel said...

haha, en3 paling sempoi.