Saturday, May 8, 2010

Unsincered smile

My girls and boys friends said that my smile is fate and unsincere. But the truth is that's my real smile. My mum always remind me for not smiled too long. emmm like this, ^_____^. It make me likes a grandma with no teeth. So, for not being like that I'll only show a little smile.

Arina, my friend had an honest conversation about my smile. Is that too bad people? I really had no idea about this things. And another friends told that i'm also not sincere for being his or her friends. WTF. Aiyaak, are they soooo sincere while tied a friendship not with me?

is this unsincere?

How about this one? umphh~

She's the one who responsible taught me smiling unsincerely. See the way she smiled. Unsincerely okey. Fullstop.

The truth had shown to u. I'm a sincere girl with a sincere smile. ^_^

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