Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sigh again today

Today i went to Jalan TAR to find some stuff, decorating my room for kediamam terbuka. Bought new wallpaper, glue, and skirting. I didn't notice dat my allowance left juz 150+ only and i withdraw em ALL (!) T___T Quickly phoned my mum asking for some money but she said i need to wait till the end of this month.

I bought new scarf. Teeehee. I like it but regret coz i took size S. A little short. But i'll wear it for a while till i got a new one with M size. I feel soooo excited.

Oh wait. I thnk i need to cash out my nuffnang eventough it's only 70+ and withdraw my ASB. Dont wanna put lots of burden onto my parents shoulder. I need money to eat eat and eat.

For 2 months back i didn't bought any new shirt or jeans. Juz recycle the old one and dats so lame.

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