Friday, November 5, 2010


Hye pep. There are some bloggers dat look beauty in my eyes. They are so daring and smart to match and mix what they wore. Lets check it out!

First, sis fatin liyana. When i on9 at fb, i sometimes chit chat wif my old frens, kutin nad bout this sis. Seriusly good looking. She noe what suit her from top to toe.

This is fatin liyana. She's a part time model. And from her i notice that not all medic student are nerdy and 'selekeh'. Couldn't belive in me? Here u r her fantastic blog. Fatin liyana.

second, sis adriani. I noe this fashionista when i randomly blogwalking and then became her stalker. For quite long then i bravely say hye to her. I love her style. But my frenz said she's style a little weird. Do i care. Hahaha.

This is sis adriani. I got this pic from her new blog. bows and rose. Love her blog. Before this i kept looking at her old blog. I notice something, mmmm she's expression is owez serious. But still gorges meh.

Third, Irine nadia marcello. A cute girl. She's younger than me. She blog bout her personal life and all her picture are nice. She is really close wif her brother. When first time view her blog i tot dat aizul is her boy. Maybe not me only tot dat. Hahaha.

This is irine. For more interesting entry, juz view her page by ur own. Irine.

Juz dat for this time.

Oh wait. It's Yuna. Her pashmina liks mine. =___="


ahmad jo said...

sape bilang gadis melayu tak menawan?? ngeh3

ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...


Adriani said...

awwwwwwww...thx sweetie

Fatin Liyana said...

tq sis :)
name kte yg pertame!! muahhh cyg awk!

la Dolce Nadira said...

azie : mantop!!

fatin liyana : i love u too !! hehehT__T

++***hana zaty**++ said...

dear! sgt stylo kan diorang???grrrrr.. sangat cantik! jom pengsan! heee

ashyiqin said... x tsenarai ke azie??hahaha~