Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Worried and felt ashame

Hye pep..Been so long away from this Hulahoop. U noe that i have another blog, Shazika Shahrim. The follower was getting increase day by day. Thanks god and thanks to my followers and stalkers that support me in the blogging arena. 

Actually beside the feeling of happiness, i felt really worried coz i need to give 'em best idea, best entry and take care of everyone feeling. So, they'll not think dat i'm arrogant when my follower rise to 1000+. I oredy prepared some schedules entry. I want to constant publishing the entries to satisfied everyone. 

I'm so happy in blogging. I hate facebooking coz it gave me nothing (!) Oh, sorry. Juz a little from it is good. Connecting wif old friends. 

Last but not least. I LOVE U OL's. Thank you so muuch (\(^______^)/) Hip hip horayyyy!


adib ahyar said...

yeah..facebook just conneting wif old friend

ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

fb like nokia.huhuhuhu