Sunday, April 18, 2010


i really wanna have a personal diary that i can write anything about my glow and dark life. the 1st diary that i'd write is when i'm in boarding school. at that hostel, there are 7 of us all together as a housemates. so, i kept my diary in my locker. dont wanna show my diary to em. 1 day, 2 of em ask me to buy some foods and drinks at a nearby shop. as i'm going out from my room, they lock the door and try to find out my diary. at that time i forgot to keep it in my locker, just left it under a pillow. lucky em to get it. when i'm back, they 'menggelabah' to put it back and open the door. but, i can smell their activity. i'm really mad and ashame cause they already noe who's the boy that i like, what i'd gossip bout em (serve em right), and all the ridiculous thing i'd made. after that incident, i threw my diary, and all the memories gone. i don't wanna kept any diary anymore!

This is Yuna's journal. Nice one and creative.

i tried to find out a new way to keep ol my memories so that when i'm getting old i can thanks for the memories. when i'm in matriculation, Joo (my roomate) taught me to write a blog. from that i got an idea to kept ol my journey of life, no one can noe my private life. did u see that i'd manage a lot of blogs. 1 of em i set as private.

it must be soooo cool if a can kept it until like this.

pi es: don't ever tried to read others diary. okey.