Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh! My pose

While walking alone with wedges on my heel toward my hostel, i noticed that there was a good looking and smart guy sat alone in a yard. I was alone and he was alone too. There was a chance. Ehem... (^_+)

So, I controlled my walk. Slowly walking toward my hostel. Not toward him. Okey. It seems that he didn't noticed me. I continued my walk and....

Oppsss..I was slip shoes (terpele'ot) Fuh! I calmed down myself by looking around wondering if there was anyone saw that incident. Oh! That handsome guy. Did he noticed that? He was hiding his smile.

I quickly continued my walk and when I arrived in my room, i hide under my pillow.


kakak epal said...

aiya zika.
how come u terpeleot ni?
eh mUET cne?
amek TESL katne?

shazika said...

kakak epal: i don noe la..hehe
i already took muet..i'm not a tesl student..

Fza.ithu.Zazha said...

HAHA. funny story.
i'd face the same situation as well MORE than once. :p~


When i was heading back to hostel with my stunning wedges, i noticed that there was a good looking + smart guy sitting alone at the yard. We were both alone - i bet there's chance for me. ;P

So, i controlled my steps - slowly walking to my hostel. Not heading to him. It seems that he didn't noticed my presence. I just continued walking and..

Ops.. I __________ [i cant remember the word. sory syg. Huu~]. I tried to be calm and looked around. i wonder if anybody saw that incident. THAT HANDSOME GUY. DID HE NOTICED THAT? HE WAS HIDING HIS SMILE.[these sentences in capital letters were correct! good job! :)]

I quickly continued walking and as soon as i arrived in my room, i hide my head under my pillow. :p~

dear shazika,
this time, there is no spelling error. Yay! :)

shazika said...

yeay!...tengkiu fza..muax!!
i'll try my best next time. :)

hanismalik said...

Wow...your english is very good...
ANyway, what a funny story...hehe

shazika said...

hanismalik: i think not good yet..i'm trying

z4mr said...

the last line should be "i 'hid' my head under my pillow"

be careful next time

shazika said...

z4mr: orait..tengkiu ya :)

Alyssa Villamor said...

good step,using blogging as a way to improve ur english..
keep it up k~ ;)

Dak Wan said...

For reason unknown, I feel like hiding my face beneath the pillow too. Hehehe

iamsoeffinghot (SO WHAT??) said...

i had once experienced this knda thing when i was still a student in utm.library would be the place to hangout when life gets bored n ure as i was walking thru the exit (i nk balek da time tu), there ws ths one librarian checking ppl and bags.n bcz i ws in such a hurry i failed to notice tht there was a puddle of water on the floor.n i ws wearing heels.haha so i slipped n fell.haha..fortunately, i fell beautifully.n quickly got up before another 10 pairs of eyes gawk at xdela malu sgt.
tp on th corner of my eyes,i saw th librarian laughing.demm..=)

Anonymous said...

sian dye peleot... hope tade ape2.. hehe..

* nasib baik bukan high heels.. kalo ta, mau ta jln uh.. xD

PinQib said...

this is a tragedy.,\not funny

notso_violet : seindah bunga seri pagi said...

salam shazika
i know u bukan rani mukerji hehe.
eh update slalu blog nih. suka lah haha. I pun tgh improve my english. :)

shazika said...

pinqib: okey. not funny :)

Anonymous said...

hahahha...! Things happened! just be careful nex time yea