Saturday, January 30, 2010

Digging hardly

On my way to go back to my hostel from Jusco Maluri in a taxi, there was terrible traffic jam. It was around 6 PM which was a peak hour people went home after office hour. I just threw my view to the outside thrugh the window.

Suddenly a Kawasaki Ninja RR passed by in front of my eyes. Wohaaaa...! I was so impressed saw the rider was so stylish wore a leather coat, seosoning jeans, A pair of Nike shoes, one black Arai helmet and his body was quite tough. My eyes kept on following the bike until it dissepeared.

At a glance, I watched a driver in a grand and sporty black car unpuposely. The driver was digging his nose hardly by using his finger and his impression was stress seem that he was trying hard to take away the nose dung.

It was better if he didn't did the activities in public especially in traffic jam. Oh! Maybe he wanted to release his tension from that traffic jam. Good job man.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Butterfly in my stomach

Homaigod! I have told by Miss Tracy that MUET result is valid in 5 years only. It means that I need to sit for MUET again even I am qualified for minimum qualification to be a teacher. I already sat for MUET in the end 2008 and got band 3. So before graduate my MUET result must be still can be used.

All of sundry in my class need to sit MUET paper. In order from this, I need to speed up my effort for at least to get band 4.

I had listed some of my plan to achieve my goal.

1. Reading english articles and newspapers.

2. Try to speak in english even in ' rojak' words. At least I am trying to say even a single word.

3. Post recently new entry to HULAHOOP so that it gain my idea to write a story in english.

Oh! dont forget to visit this MUAX


Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't call me a looser

There is a quote say " You can't call a man up by calling him down" . What do you understand from this quote?

Let say I will take part in a race. So, before I get ready to the starting line, my friends and fans will give me supports such as " Azie, you can do it dear", " Beat the others".

But how if they said something like " Just give up you are looser", "No hope for you to be the winner". Automatically my high determination will falling down like London Bridge is falling down, falling down falling down.

From this i learned that, as a teacher-to-be i must have someone to give me sopports and after being a real teacher i must give full motivation to my students.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh! My pose

While walking alone with wedges on my heel toward my hostel, i noticed that there was a good looking and smart guy sat alone in a yard. I was alone and he was alone too. There was a chance. Ehem... (^_+)

So, I controlled my walk. Slowly walking toward my hostel. Not toward him. Okey. It seems that he didn't noticed me. I continued my walk and....

Oppsss..I was slip shoes (terpele'ot) Fuh! I calmed down myself by looking around wondering if there was anyone saw that incident. Oh! That handsome guy. Did he noticed that? He was hiding his smile.

I quickly continued my walk and when I arrived in my room, i hide under my pillow.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A new babyborn

Salam dear readers. I am Shazika Shahrim would like to introduce my new blog. I am still thingking the most suitable name for this blog. For now, i named it HULAHOOP. Hahaha. (^__+) What a childish name.

Why this name? i though that because i am stil 'terumbang-ambing' in English. Okey lah. Before this i had manage a blog, Shazika Shahrim which is 90% i write it in Malay. Why i must have this english blog instead of shazika Shahrim?

The reason is, i am a futured teacher so i want to practise writing to improve my grammar and vocabulary. What a shock for me is, my friend has a 12 years old sister. Her sister had a blog that is fully write in english. i felt ashame with her and dare my self to be better in english. Oh yeah!! I can do it.

In this site i had planned to pick up a topic and tell about that and i will also tell some incident happened in my life. So my lovely readers, i beg u to correct me if my grammar is mistake. (T__T) Support me eh.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New 2010

Hye everybody..I would like to wish all of you


have u decided the determination for this year? Do ur best for that (^__^)V