Monday, March 28, 2011


This blog was being abandon for so long. I'm sory i do not have much time to write even in Shazika Shahrim i rarely write. Plus the internet connection is really suck. I'm using Maxis broadband. When it comes near to the limit the connection slowly down. It just can stand for 1 week for 1.5 Gb. I took the cheapest offer coz not afford to paid. for every month. RM48. college wifi is also suck. I cant connect in to the access when i'm in my room. Even when i'm in the class also cant. So, for what they provide the internet if all the student cant get into it. Mmmmm. I just can say here, if i got an idea i'll write here. For my follower, i suggest better u unfollow this blog because i cant promise when i can write here. Why dont u just follow ShazikaShahrim or why dont i delete this blog? Oh no no no. I need to write here. Try hardy to generate my brain write in english.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll want to put a twitter button to your site. Just bookmarked the site, however I must make it manually. Just my 2 cents.