Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sorry my followers and stalkers

Hye peps.. Its been sooooo long time since i posted the last entry. Quite bzy wif the college and personal problems. So dat this page is being neglected for no reason. Theres a lots of burden on my shoulders as i'm now in degree. I wanna make some announcements :) 

  1. I oredy activate my tumblr. This is my link so u guys feel free to views that page. Actually it's under construction. Felt a little ashame to show u. -_-" dont laugh eh
  2. I also think to keep busy on twitter. But i really dont noe how to handle dat page. Need somebody to teach me. Pleaseeee T___T

and the most important things in my life..... (drumroll)

I'll delete my facebook just around the corner. no facebook. Felt so sad like hell but i MUST to do it. full stop.

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