Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spelling Bee

One of the games that my classmates are so excited to play currently is spelling bee. Just now i realise the spellingfor spelling bee is not SPELLING B. It's B-E-E. bee

So, how to play this game?

We'll gather in a circle. Then someone will said one word. For example: Monkey. Then the next person will say another word starts with alphabet Y. For example Yawn. Okey. Next person will said another word start with alphabet N. then, it'll continued until the last one stand.

One person (participant) is given 7 second to think the word. If the person cant spell or the spelling and word is wrong, he/she must be out from the game . 

I like this game so much coz it can gain my knowledge with new words and vocabs. So, just try and dont be shy to try. With that we can noe our strength and weakness. The winner, please dont be so proud. Hahahaha. Kepp it up guys to learn english. 

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nabila biela said...

good..everything in english:)